Poker On A Sunday, Poker On A Monday, Why Not, It’s All Online Anyhow

Posted by Belinda on April 6, 2018 in Gambling

poker 99

Back in the day, when cell phones and smart mobile devices were unheard of in the streets, and sometimes only seen in those weird sci-fi movies, gambling was illegal. Yes, you could play cards with your best pals on a quiet Sunday night (there wasn’t anything else to do, and if you have been living that long, there wasn’t even anything like a TV to watch), all for a bit of small change, because who was going to know anyhow.

Many of you reading this right now might be thinking are these guys for real. How could gambling have been banned back then? Yup, it was, you should know these things if you’ve been paying attention in class. It’s like prohibition, which you’ll know (if you were paying attention in class) didn’t quite work out. So, like all other things that folks weren’t allowed to do in their free time, it was made a free for all. Even the authorities finally woke up.

They woke up to the fact that, yes, even they could make money out of gambling clubs like the famous poker 99, which you’ll probably be seeing on your screen pretty soon and probably be visiting pretty soon (many of you just can’t wait, and who can blame you). Because it’s taken off like a house on fire, these clubs have all gone live, not loco. They’ve gone live and online. Which means that in the next few minutes you will be able to sign up online and play poker online (and yes, still with your best pals too, but this time with thousands of others) any darn day of the week you choose and please.

No-one is going to stop you, unless of course, you’re eating into your work time.