Proper Dog Nail Clippers and Dog Hygiene

Posted by Belinda on April 14, 2018 in Dog Nail Clippers

Keeping your dogs trimmed, clean, and healthy is very important for you and your dog as well as other dogs yours will encounter. When dogs are not taken care of well, they tend to get sick, disheveled, weak, and will be more prone to contagious diseases due to malnutrition. This is not good in any sense. At this stage, they need to be rescued to stand a chance. At least your dog is not in this situation.

That example was only presented to give an idea of how bad it can become when dogs do not get care. Unlike cats, they are not very good at it. Cats tend to shed their claws easily on trees, hard ground, and other tough surfaces. Cats actually need their claws to be sharp. Your dog will need to get a good clip job with good dog nail clippers just when their nails start to touch the ground.

dog nail clippers

In fact, ask your dog’s veterinarian about the ideal length for your dog’s nails to be. Learn how to see the nerve ending so it is easier to learn how far to not go when clipping dog nails. After you learn, it is time to look at some of the better online stores and find a quality pair or two of solid, sharp nail clippers made just for dogs.

Do NOT use heavy scissors made for humans or any other tools such as wire cutters. These things can be damaging to your dog, resulting in pain and injury. The nail clippers designed for dogs as specific to their type of nails to give a clean and safe cut. If hurting your dog is the main concern, the better clippers do have a guard you can set and never cut too short again.

Have a good time looking through the clipper selections. Perhaps you can get both the guillotine style and the scissor type to see how well each will work for your dog. Otherwise, if they both work, you do end up with a backup clipper if needed. Your dogs will appreciate you even more for keeping them neat and off the streets. After all, man’s best friend should be treated like a friend. Even better yet, treated like family.